Why you should have a VPN (Actually 5 reasons) And How to find the right one for you!

Think incognito mode is private? Think again

Many people think that incognito mode will keep them invisible, but think again. 

If you took a look at the screen you can see that the website that you are visiting, your work, school, and internet service provider still can see what you are up to. 

But you can change that, so none of the above can look into what you are doing, simply by turning on the VPN, the security would furthermore be improved by keeping hackers at bay. 

That is especially relevant if you visit sites that you don’t wanna share with anyone else 😉

Save 50%+ on Netflix, HBO, HULU and others

Netflix and many others like Hulu, Microsoft, BBC, and other big companies change their pricing based on your country even if it is the same product. 

The price is determined after what people wanna pay in that country, so good luck if you live in Denmark and pay over $15 per month for the small Netflix package.

Luckily a VPN can solve that as well, or at least some can by changing your location to a country like the US where you get the new series and movies before or other locations where you can save up to 80% on the price.

Netflix US without being in the US?

Accessing Netflix US outside of the US is quite simple, you just install a VPN and connect to an American server and sign up to Netflix so it seems like you are in the US. The advantage of Netflix US is the sheer amount of content, Netflix US has the most amount of series and movies avalible

Tried seeing this? “This website/video is not available in your country”

If you live in a European country, or if you have been traveling abroad the chance of you having experienced these screens is next to 100%.

“This video is not available in your country”

 The good thing is that with a VPN you can go around those restrictions, simply by changing your location to another one where the video or website is available.

Secure yourself on “Free Wifi” in for example Cafés and Airports

The admins of the network that you are using whether it is at work, school, the airport, or just the local cafe that you are visiting. Beside the obvious issue that the admins can see what you are doing, there is another problem.

The problem is that Wifi networks isn’t that hard to crack, so if there are a person with bad intentions on the network the chance is high that they can capture you data when you are accessing the “Free wifi”

How to find the Right VPN

“You can’t say that there is ONE VPN that is the best, it all depends on you. What are your needs and budget?”