Understanding more about the “What If We Kissed” meme and its origin

Twitter is one of those social media platforms where new memes get created almost on an everyday. The famous ones get viral in no time. Here, we are going to see one such popular Twitter meme that originated in 2019 – the “What If We Kissed” meme! From the name, we can understand that it is used to express romantic feelings.

Reddit user, H0bbez_ wouldn’t have realized that his longing for his girlfriend would make him create a meme that would become popular within no time. The “what if we kissed” meme was created by him when he imagined kissing his girlfriend on the Fortnite Battle Bus. As soon as this meme started getting popular, Twitter didn’t lose any moment to cash on its popularity. It challenged its users to come with challenging kiss locations that they could imagine and users went crazy.

Twitter users ran wild with thoughts as people imagined kissing their partners in incinerators, near the high-voltage box of their neighborhood, foot massage parlor, in front of popular supermarkets and malls. The list went on and on!

All one had to do to use this meme on his/her account was to type the word, “what if we kissed in,” put a picture of the location where they would like to kiss and a blushing emoji at the end. Yes, as simple as that!


On 15th September 2018, Reddit user, Hobbez (real name unknown) came up with this meme, in which he imagined him to be kissing his girlfriend on the bus and posted a picture of the same. His image got so popular that it got 23 points or a 94% upvote within just 7 months of posting. However, many people believe that this could have been inspired by a 2015 image of the same concept.

In the year 2015, a Twitter user, Vshimmer, used the meme, “what would you do if we kissed” by posting an image of the painting, “True Love” by Sugiyama Miwako. After that many memes started getting popular in the same concept. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this served as a precursor to the “what if we kissed meme” that we are discussing in this article.

Cringey or famous?

The “what if we kissed” meme was alright as long as it was romantic and helped hesitant people express their love for their respective partners. However, like every other meme on social media platforms, this meme too started becoming very cringey, because people started using the meme for expressing quite a few embarrassing thoughts.

Some of the cringey thoughts that were expressed in this meme were people imagining what if they kissed in the locker room, at the cinemas, consultation offices, near the skeleton in their lab in their elementary school and other strange locations.

There was only very little time in which this meme moved from being a simple romantic expression to a flirtatious expression of thought. This meme became a platform where people let their imagination run wild and imagine themselves making out in the strangest of locations!