Pepe the frog with a surprised facial expression called Poggers

Poggers Meme Chronicles

Pepe the frog with a surprised facial expression called Poggers

People using the internet throughout the 2010s must be aware of a frog with a humanoid body and a funny face. Its “official” name is Pepe and it belonged to an online comic strip. The facial expressions of Pepe have transformed into a host of meme formats and emojis. 

We have discussed the sad Pepe called Pepehands in this section earlier. Here, we are going to take a look at the origination and spread of Poggers that shows Pepe being surprised and dumbfounded.

Origin and First Appearance

Pepe was one of the four characteristics from an online comic strip called Boy’s Club. It was started in 2005 and became popular on MySpace, 4Chan, and other popular social forums of that point for its psychedelic and hedonistic themes. 

Pepe broke out on the internet as a standalone character around 2008 when it was used for signifying happiness and feeling good. This “feels good man” Pepe was just like the original Pepe from the comic strip. However, like any other meme and internet phenomenon, its variants started pouring in. 

In 2017, Pepe’s face with a surprised facial expression was added to the Twitch enhancement suite called FrankerFace Z as an emote for its chatting platform. Soon, its popularity spilled out of Twitch and spread to other social media platforms as well. 

Use of Poggers on Twitch

The major use of Poggers has remained confined to Twitch chatrooms. After its inclusion on FrankerFace Z, Twitch users started using it in place of PogChamp. PogChamp is another Twitch emote with a real human face showing extreme excitement and hype. 

Down the line, Twitch users also started using Poggers in their chats for acknowledging the impressive play made by gaming streamers. 

Traces on Other Platforms 

Just when Poggers broke out on Twitch, it also became a topic of discussion on Twitter and Reddit as well. Twitch users who were also active on Twitter and Reddit introduced this new variant of Pepe the frog to other users by doing long threads on its origin and how to use it in different contexts. 

Variants of Poggers

The best thing about meme culture is that no template can be termed as the final form of its series. Some geniuses always give a twist to an existing meme and expression that many users think has completed its run. The same happened with Poggers. Within a year of its emergence on Twitch, its variants had also resurfaced.

These variants are called Woggers and OMEGAPOGGERS. In Woggers, you can see the surprised Pepe sitting in the wheelchair.  On the other hand, OMEGAPOGGERS shows Pepe extremely surprised with an almost jaw-dropped expression. The use of these Poggers variants is also limited to Twitch Chatrooms.

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