Navy Seal Copypasta

Navy Seal Copypasta : Meme Chronicles

Navy Seal Copypasta

Read this post to find out all about one of the most famous and hilarious Copypasta of the online world.

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Copypasta is a phenomenon exclusive to the internet. It is a block of text that people spread across various online platforms by copy-pasting it for its information or humor.  Navy Seal is perhaps the most prolific Copypasta on the internet right now. 

Also known as Marine Copypasta, Internet Tough Guy Copypasta, and Gorilla Warfare Copypasta, this block of text is a tongue-in-cheek message that mocks the empty and grand threats and ridiculous claims that people often use in arguments, especially on online forums.


It is believed that this Copypasta first appeared on a military and weapon forum somewhere in 2010. The first user posted this body of text was not being ironic. The ridiculous earnestness of this text is the reason why it has turned into a hilarious Copypasta. 

The text is about some navy seal bragging about their years in the service and making ridiculous claims about their combat capabilities. From having a network of spies across the US to have eliminated 300 terrorists as a top sniper, this navy seal is everything that all the Rambos and Ethan Hunts of the world wanted to be.

The First Appearance

Besides its archived original footprint of 2010, Navy Seal Copypasta appeared on a pasta subreddit in 2012. This was the first time when it was posted in the meme context and the user who posted it also claimed that they were also the original creator of that pasta.


This facetious pasta started appearing from 2012 as a tongue-in-cheek retort. Over the years, it has appeared on different social media platforms in various contexts. The lowest point for this meme came last year when it was used to mock the shooting of Christchurch mosque shooting in 2009. It is believed that the perpetrator of that mass-killing also posted it on 8Chan before live-streaming the incident on Facebook.


  • 2012


      • Got popular across various subreddits
      • A user uploaded a musical version of the pasta on YouTube
      • Became an entry on Urban Dictionary


  • 2013


      • Came various variations and spin-offs of the original pasta
      • A Mexican slang version of the meme got popular across various social media sites


  • 2019


    • Came into the limelight again after Christchurch mosque shooting


This Copypasta is the mockery of how people act tough on the internet. However, its use has progressed over the years since its first appearance. Now, people use it as a lighthearted reply to someone doubting their ability to do something.  Internet users also use it to call out people making ridiculous claims and narcissistic comments. 

Many of its spin-offs have also emerged over the years. They draw up other professions and activities but with the same funny grandiose and self-indulgence.

Navy Seal Copypasta Spin-Offs

Navy Seal Copy Pasta

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