Mac Users Can Receive Total Security Protection With TotalAV

MacBook hacked

Many Mac users assume that their devices are safe from hackers, but the truth is that anybody – regardless of what kind of device they have – can be hacked. This is why you need to have a trusted security program. 

Does this mean Mac users can download and use TotalAV for their Apple devices? 

Absolutely! TotalAV is available for Mac users as well. There have already been over one million people who have downloaded and installed the software to protect their Mac device. It takes just two minutes to download and protect your Mac device.  

Cybercriminals don’t care about you or your situation… even with a worldwide pandemic in full force. They are hard at work developing malware, fake websites and phishing scams that will scam you out of your hard-earned money (when you likely need it the most).  

More and more Mac users are becoming aware that these problems are no longer just a Windows user problem. They understand any connection to the Internet increases the vulnerability they face.

Should You Get This Protection For Your Mac?

There is a misconception that viruses only slow computers down, but hackers have gotten smart and came up with threats that can also destroy you financially (while making them rich). Slowing your computer down is just one consequence. 

They can design viruses to relay credit card information, email address, home address, phone numbers, user names, passwords and more back to them. Once they have this information, they can use it as they see fit. They may even sell it on the dark web (it’s the criminals’ Amazon) to other criminals who will work to destroy your life. 

With 10 million people getting protection with TotalAV, they protect themselves in real-time with cloud-file scanning, website blocking, web browsing and more. 

It takes just two minutes to download and set up the Mac version of TotalAV. Once installed, the program will find and get rid of any hidden malware and protect you as you shop and bank online. 

TotalAV is a complete security suite that will eliminate the tracking cookies installed within browsers and rid the computer of things that affects its performance. 

With real-time protection, it blocks possible threats from installing themselves and infecting the device. When you click on an email link or visit an infected website, the program will automatically scan and block the threats. Real-time protection all the time!

Previous virus protection software commonly slows computers down. This is not that kind of program. It works inconspicuously as you surf, work and bank, so you’re protected all the time (even when you’re not thinking about it).

What Can You Do To Protect Yourself?

If you own an Apple device (Mac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, etc.), you can still download the TotalAV software. All you need to do is the following:

  • Click the download button
  • Follow the on-screen set-up instructions
  • Initiate the TotalAV scan for free to rid your computer of any viruses or other threats right away

Get your Free scan here 

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