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What is Pepega Meme?
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Pepega is one of the Twitch Emotes that is quite popular among streamers. Pepega is an emote that is inspired by the illustration of Pepe the Frog; however, a big difference lies in the fact that unlike other emoticons, Pepega is a distorted expression of Pepe the Frog.

Most emoticons are used to express an important expression. The Pepega is used to express something that is stupid, dumb or retarded. In other words, it is an euphemistic expression of calling someone ignorant or foolish.

The Pepega emoticon was first used in the year 2018 on the Discord platform, by one of the users.

In the same year, the distorted Pepega icon was included in FrankerFacez, much to the displeasure of the fellow Redditors on that platform.

The emote was spammed by most of the members, because they thought that it was quite rude to call somebody as retarded using this emoticon.

Sebastian “Forsen” Fors, a member of FrankerFacez, was one of the first users to get disappointed by the inclusion of Pepega in this community. The other users started to spam his chat and they included the tagline, “For San” by distorting Sebastian’s name of Forsen. This was to indicate that the users were shouting out against the inclusion of Pepega in this forum, in a silly voice.

The main reason why people didn’t like the use of Pepega in any of the platforms was that this emoticon was used to indicate a person with a mental disability. This offended most of the members on the live video streaming website of Twitch.

Current Status

Since many other similar emoticons such as Poggers, Pepehands and Sadman have already been accepted on various platforms, Pepega is slowly finding a lot more popularity and recognition on Twitch, Reddit, Tumblr and other gaming websites. Today, Pepega is not just limited to ridicule someone harshly as retarded or mentally handicapped. However, it is commonly used to address someone as silly or childish.

Different versions

There are different versions of Pepega that you should know of today. They are Pepega Megaphone, Penguin, Song, Clap Gif, Hands, PNG, and more. Here is a brief overview of each of these versions:

Pepehands has it own article right here

Pepega Megaphone – This is an emoticon that is a popular substitute for the original Pepega.  This icon was created by some members of the Twitch community to scream out the name “For Sen.” The Pepega icon wields a red megaphone in this icon and types For San while screaming it out in the distorted version.


Pepega Penguin – This is different from the Pepega icon. Here, members can choose to get a facial avatar of a Penguin, which could be added with the Pepega icon, while communicating something.

Pepega Song – When the Pepega emoticon started becoming popular, a few loyalists of this icon created a song. The song that was dedicated to Pepega, consists of simple piano and drum notes. It became very popular within a short time on Twitch and came to be known as the famous Pepega Song.

Pepega Clap Gif –  As the name indicates, this is an extended version of the Pepega emoticon, where the animal is featured along with a blue clapping hands icon. Some other versions included the emoticons are Pepega with glasses on and more.

Pepega Clap

Pepega Gif – This is one of the popular emoticons used in Twitch. It is a moving image where the Pepega moves from left to right without changing its expressions much.

Pepega PNG – The Pepega Portable Network Graphic image is one of the most user-friendly emoticons used in many ways. However, it is mostly used for memes, which makes it quite a popular version of Pepega.

As you can see from the above, the Pepega has evolved from being an offensive emoticon to an innovative one, with quite a few cool, extendable features. Today, many users make use of Pepega in their chats to express various thoughts, across various video-streaming platforms.

Pepega-png meme


Today, in the advent of technological advancement, many people connect with each other online through video and audio chat options. Twitch is one such video-streaming that connects many users online. This is a site, where people connect with each other to discuss online sports activities and video games. In this live-streaming site, there is no dearth for entertainment at all, there are lots of feeds that people can discuss. Pepega is an emoticon used in Twitch. Let’s know more about it in the following sections

Acquisition by Amazon – The Big Deal

Justin.TV, the video-streaming website which was launched in 2007, established the video-game related website in 2011. The founders of Justin.TV, Justin Kan, Emmett Shear, Michael Seibel and Kyle Vogt founded Twitch to share video streams of various types.

Twitch launched a partner program thanks to which the revenue from the website’s ads was shared with its partners as well. After a series of rebranding initiatives, Twitch was finally acquired by Amazon for a whopping $970million. While thanking his followers, CEO of Twitch stated that the games, passion of the gamers and the memes followed on Twitch led to the success of the video-streaming website.

Twitch Emotes

Twitch Emotes is a feature that denotes the emoticons used on the Twitch website. These emoticons denote various characteristics such as famous people, popular streamers on the site, employees of Twitch and other fictional characteristics. This brings us to the main topic of this article, pepega! Pepega is one such emoticon featured in Twitch Emotes.

The website,, which was launched in the year 2012, contains the database of all the emoticons used for chatting on live video feeds by streamers across the globe. Thanks to these emoticons, streamers could fewer words to express their thoughts.  Some of the most popular Twitch Emotes are the following:

  • Kappa – based on the character of Justin TV developer, Josh DeSeno
  • 4head – emote based on a famous streamer, Cadbury
  • PogChamp – emote based on a streamer’s screen capture while playing video games
  • MonkaS – an illustration of Pepe the Frog

Here is some examples from the Hashtag on Twitter

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