💜 What does the purple heart emoji mean?

Emojis have started to rule the way we communicate with each other on social media platforms. You wouldn’t deny the fact that the heart emoji is one of the cutest and widely-used emoticons of all.

Have you ever wondered what the Purple Heart emoji means? No prizes for guessing! Yes, it symbolizes love and affection. Let’s understand more about this emoji in this article here.

More about the representations of 💜

We all know that the red heart is the one that symbolizes love. So how is the Purple Heart different from the red one?

According to emoji experts, the Purple Heart is known to express sensitivity and compassion as well, along with love.

One of the most common meanings of the Purple Heart emoji are duty or a reward for bravery.  When military veterans of the USA get injured during the war, they are given a purple heart reward. Therefore, it’s also used to denote terms such as honor or sacrifice.e

Do you wish to offer your support to your loved ones even when you aren’t physically near them?

You can use the Purple Heart Emoji to offer them your emotional support when they need it the most. In short, this emoji can be used to send virtual hugs to someone who is dear to you.

Sometimes youngsters also use the emoji to make a fashion statement. They use this emoji to represent a shiny & shimmery costume.

It can also be used along with various other emojis to create new meanings for the messages you want to convey to your people.

Regardless of the meanings that are used to represent, we have to agree that ever since Japanese companies like Softbank created them, emojis have come a long way. Some like the Purple Heart emoji have managed to become popular within a very short time.

The popularity of the Purple Heart Emoji

Out of the over 2300 emojis available on Twitter, the Purple Heart is ranked No.43 in terms of popularity. Doesn’t this tell you how well-liked the 💜 is among Twitter users?

Today, this emoji is also available on various platforms such as iOS, Android, Google Hangouts, LG and Samsung devices. The shade of purple may slightly vary in these platforms, but the meanings that they are used to represent, remain the same.

Word of caution about the Purple Heart Emoji

On some platforms such as WhatsApp, you should be careful about using the Emoji. This is because this emoji also demonstrates wealth or sexuality. 

It could either mean that you are boasting about your money or that you want to get into a sexual conversation with the other person, when you use the Purple Heart Emoji in your chats.

So, it is better to understand the meanings of these emojis on each platform to use them carefully without offending anybody.

In short, the 💜is widely used to express concepts such as compassion, fashion, sensitivity, love and support.